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At Michael Brooks-Jimenez law firm we believe in fighting for the rights of our community, and this includes making sure that those who make our country a better place can stay with their families and keep working. We are in a unique position to help, since our multicultural, multilingual team is experienced in immigration as well as other areas of practice, which allows us to handle complex cases that involve more than one type of law - and to assist you in Spanish if that is what is easier for you or your loved ones.

Our immigration practice includes - but is not limited to - family law-related immigration matters, green card applications, H1-B visas, citizenship and naturalization applications, employment visas and complex deportation cases.

We are the only law firm that focuses on the consequences that criminal cases can impose on your immigration status, since we have lawyers who specialize in several practice areas and who can offer legal advice on complex cases where your immigration process is affected by a criminal record or a felony.

The United States has a very large Spanish-speaking population, since many permanent residents have brought their family members through legal immigration or otherwise. To better serve you, and because we care about the attorney-client relationship, you will have access to a lawyer who is fluent in English or Spanish, without the need of translators.

What can I expect from working with Michael Brooks-Jimenez, PC?

Whether you have personal immigration legal needs or business immigration needs, we are here to help. American immigration and the federal government immigration law can be complicated, but we can help make it simpler.

Let us help you with:

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If you are under special circumstances, our firm is uniquely qualified to manage cases that cross over to other practice areas - for example, we frequently handle criminal defense and immigration cases together as part of the same legal service. We can process visas (including special ones for qualified individual cases), residency applications, deferred action and citizenship applications. This includes: green cards, VAWA applications, H1Bs, H2Bs, EB1/2s and more.

Some of the special cases we have helped in the past include:

  •  Applying for residency if you have a criminal record
  • Maintaining your residency or citizenship even if you are going through divorce
  • Applying for special visas for those who have suffered from domestic abuse, human trafficking or similar crimes.
  • Regularizing your immigration status without you having to leave the country.
  • Applying for deferred action (DACA) for siblings of DACA holders

Businesses that employ immigrants must have all their paperwork in order, especially in case of an I-9 audit. Our specialized team can make sure all of your employees have the right documentation and that you are prepared in case of an audit.

There are many immigration attorneys in Oklahoma, but few with our commitment and expertise in immigration legal services, especially in those cases where there is a crossover with criminal law or family law. Whether you seek legal support for personal or family immigration cases, or if it’s for an employee or an employment opportunity, we have the perfect team to advice and support you through your immigration process. 

Please note: Accredited representatives are not attorneys, and while they must show some knowledge to get registered as an accredited representative, they may not have the knowledge or expertise to help you with a complex application process, an adjustment of status, or immigration cases that also mix with criminal law or family law. We do recommend seeking professional legal assistance for your legal immigration needs.

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