If you see what appears to be an immigration checkpoint, please take a photo and share it with us. Specifically, if you're able to take a photo of the official conducting the inspection, this is especially helpful.

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At times, the sheriff's office conducts routine inspections checking for licenses and proof of insurance. On other occasions, these inspections are setup to prevent drunk driving.

We ask that anytime you suspect an immigration checkpoint or raid, please share your photos with us through our Facebook page. With a photo and a little due diligence, we can tell you if this is a routine police inspection or if ICE is responsible.

Additionally, we will make our best effort to alert our community by sharing your photo and warning others of the immigration checkpoint.

How to Prepare for an Immigration Checkpoint

It's extremely important to know your rights before a checkpoint and be prepared. We recommend that every person contact an immigration attorney and/or a community agency so you can be well informed.

In case that you should be stopped by police or Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), you should carry:

• State ID or Driver's License;
• If your residency or citizenship is pending, a copy of the letter you received showing your case is pending;
• Name and phone number of your immigration lawyer.


Do NOT carry false documents with you.


For more information on how to prepare in case of deportation, please read our article "How To Prepare & Prevent Deportation with a Power of Attorney."

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 405-272-9393.

What To Do During & After an Immigration Checkpoint

Both documented and undocumented persons have rights. It's important that you know your rights, especially during and after an immigration checkpoint. You have the right to:

• Make a phone call;
• Speak to a lawyer;
• Remain silent;
• A hearing before a judge.

warning.pngDo NOT sign any documents without a lawyer. If police or ICE try to convince you to do so, say NO and ask to see your lawyer.

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 Photo featured in this article provided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Department of Homeland Security)

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