"Can I file a pardon for my wife? Can I open my own pizza shop in Oklahoma with DACA? Do I qualify for a U Visa?" Attorney Natalia Riveros-Jacobsen answers these questions and many more during her weekly Facebook Live forum.

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Every Thursday at 1:30 pm, attorney Natalia Riveros-Jacobsen goes Live on Michael Brooks-Jimenez PC's Facebook to answer your questions on immigration and criminal defense. Here is a list of the questions she answers in the video above:

  1. Can I file a pardon for my wife? She has 1 year remaining of a 5 year bar she was given. They took her visa away at the border. She had a valid visa at the time of entry. (0:45)
  2. My son is a U.S. citizen and is 20 years old. I entered the United States on a tourist visa three years ago, but he is in jail. Can he still help me adjust my legal status? (1:55)
  3.  In August, I will have been in the country for 16 years. I am undocumented and have 2 children. I was living with my children's father for 3 years, and during that time he was a legal permanent resident of the United States, but he left to Mexico fleeing from the police for crimes in Deonver, Colorado. I am afraid of returning to Mexico because he claims to be a sicario (hitman) in Mexico and he has threatened to kill me and my family on several occasions. Aditionaly, I have an uncle who has been kidnapped for close to 4 years. I saw your report on U Visas, and I am wondering if there is hope for me under this program or another. (3:30)
  4. Can I open my own pizza shop in Oklahoma with DACA? (8:00)
  5. I came here in 2000, and went back in 2006 to visit family. When I came back to the USA, immigration got me at the border. I am currently here in USA now. Do I have any chances at being able to get my papers? (8:30)


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Para leer esta nota en Español, haga clic aquí.

Natalia Riveros-Jacobsen

Written by Natalia Riveros-Jacobsen

Natalia Riveros-Jacobsen, originally from Bogotá Colombia, serves as an associate at Michael Brooks-Jimenez, P.C where she focuses her immigration law practice on deportation, family and employment based immigrant petitions at the firm’s Oklahoma City law office.