We recently found out that as of October 3, the fees for certain applications (including residence and citizenship) will go up an average of 20%, as much as $500 or more in some cases. This includes citizenship and residence applications. 

This rule comes as a result of a 2-year study, in which USCIS determined they were not charging enough to cover their operational expenses, therefore operating at a financial loss. As a result some exemptions will be waived (meaning you will have to pay for fees you wouldn’t have had to pay before), and prices will go up an average 20%, with some such as nationalization going up a lot more.

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If you were considering applying for citizenship or residence, do it before the price change comes into effect -  not only will fees go up, but fingerprinting and work permits will start to require a fee too. Act now before prices go up.

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Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Written by Michael Brooks-Jimenez

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