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    Department of Homeland Security: DACA May Be In Jeopardy

    Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in a closed-door meeting Wednesday that an...

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    Topics: DACA, Undocumented,

    Can I adjust My Legal Status After An Unlawful Entry Into The U.S.?

    An unlawful entry into the United States can have severe consequences for individuals looking to adjust their legal status....

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    Topics: Immigration, USCIS, Undocumented

    Judge Stops Trump's Plan To Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities

    This Tuesday, the federal courts delivered another blow to President Donald Trump's immigration agenda by blocking the Trump...

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    Topics: Donald Trump, Immigration, Deportations

    I Want To Apply For Permanent Residency But I Have A Criminal Background. What should I do?

    Every undocumented immigrant dreams of the day they can become a legal permanent resident and receive their "green card."...

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    Topics: Immigration, USCIS, Undocumented

    Is a letter From A Notary Enough to Transfer Temporary Guardianship of My Kids If I Am Deported?

    Although it feels like a daunting task, I often remind my clients that it's essential to prepare their entire family for every...

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    Topics: Deportations, Undocumented, Immigration

    What should I do If ICE Knocks At My Door?

    These are anguishing times for many who wonder - perhaps for the first time - what to do when immigration visits their home....

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    Topics: USCIS, Immigration, Undocumented

    Despite 2 Immigration Executive Orders, Trump says DREAMers 'shouldn't be Very worried'

    During his first week in office, President Donald Trump has signed a couple of executive actions regarding immigration and...
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    Topics: DREAMers, Donald Trump, Immigration

    Paul Ryan: "I don’t want to see you separated from your family"

    During a recent Town Hall hosted by CNN, House Speaker Paul Ryan took a number of questions from the audience regarding the...

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    Topics: Immigration, Undocumented, DREAMers

    No action on DACA After First Round of Executive Orders by trump

    After a busy weekend following his inaguration, President Trump has signed into action a series of executive orders, none of...

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    Topics: DACA, Donald Trump, Undocumented

    How Can You Gain Legal Status in the USA?

    These days, the change in government has everyone asking big questions about citizenship, naturalization, and family...

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    Topics: USCIS, Undocumented,

    Trump Team Begins Review of Border Barriers & Immigration Executive Orders

    Last month, President-Elect Donald Trump's transition team requested a wide range of documents and analysis information on...

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    Topics: Donald Trump, Immigration, DACA

    ITIN Renewal: What You Need To Know

    It was recently reported that certain taxpayers will need to renew their Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)...

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