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    Can I apply for a permanent residence through marriage to a U.S. citizen?

    “I am an undocumented immigrant. Can I apply for a permanent residence through marriage to a U.S. citizen?” Absolutely, but...

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    Topics: Immigration, Immigration Attorney, Fiancé Visa

    Can an Undocumented Immigrant Get a Green Card Through Marriage to US Citizen or Resident?

    Green cards can be difficult to acquire. The waiting period is extremely long. 

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    Topics: Immigration, Immigration Attorney, Fiancé Visa

    Vlog: "Can I file a pardon for my wife? She has 1 year remaining of A 5 year bar she was given."

    "Can I file a pardon for my wife? Can I open my own pizza shop in Oklahoma with DACA? Do I qualify for a U Visa?" Attorney...

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    Topics: Immigration, Immigration Attorney,

    Vlog: "I've been here For 14 Years, I Don't Have A Criminal Record, & I have 3 Kids. How Can I adjust My Legal Status?"

    "I've been here for 14 years, I don't have a criminal record, and I have 3 kids. How can I adjust my legal status?" On this...

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    Topics: Immigration, Deportations, Immigration Attorney

    DACA Recipients: The Trump Administration Is Reopening Previously Closed Immigration Cases

    If you have an approved DACA application, but you were arrested after receiving it or have not been abiding with all the terms...

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    Topics: DACA, DREAMers, Immigration

    Immigration Vlog: Attorney Natalia Riveros-Jacobsen

    Can an individual obtain legal permanent residency by getting good grades in school? What do I need to help my mother get...

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    Topics: DACA, Immigration, ICE

    What is the Fastest Path to Legal Permanent Residency?

    There's no question that becoming a legal permanent resident (LPR) can take time depending on a number of factors, but is...

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    Topics: Immigration, LPR, Business Immigration

    What Visas Do I Apply for to Hire Foreign Workers for my Business?

    Immigration in the United States is a complex and frequently time-consuming process, even for businesses. Figuring out what...

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    Topics: Immigration, Business Immigration, Visas

    Can You Get a Green Card When You Have a Criminal Record?

    Are you a foreign national who wants to apply for a green card, but are hesitating because you have a "record" for a crime you...

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    Topics: Immigration, LPR, Immigration Attorney