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    Immigration Vlog: Attorney Natalia Riveros-Jacobsen

    Can an individual obtain legal permanent residency by getting good grades in school? What do I need to help my mother get...

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    Topics: DACA, Immigration, ICE

    3 Things The Community Should Know About The Proposed Plan to Deport Oklahoman Students

    Last week, Oklahoma received national attention after a member of the State House of Representatives proposed a plan to...

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    Topics: Immigration, ICE,

    Trump Requests funds "to expand the detention, transportation and elimination" of Undocumented immigrants

    President Donald Trump unveiled his first budget blueprint last week and, although virtually every agency will see some sort...

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    Topics: Donald Trump, Department of Homeland Security, Deportations

    How To Prepare For An Interaction With ICE (Even If You Are A US Citizen!)

    Unfortunately, the last few months have reminded immigrants, even naturalized U.S. citizens, that they were not born in the...

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    Topics: Immigration, Travel, Deportations

    What To Do In Case Of A Problem With Immigration

    When someone is arrested for a criminal case, even if they are not convicted of the charge, Immigration and Customs...

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    Topics: Immigration, Deportations, ICE

    What Should I Do In Case Of An Immigration Checkpoint?

    If you see what appears to be an immigration checkpoint, please take a photo and share it with us. Specifically, if you're...

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    Topics: Immigration, Police, ICE