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    Vlog: "I've been here For 14 Years, I Don't Have A Criminal Record, & I have 3 Kids. How Can I adjust My Legal Status?"

    "I've been here for 14 years, I don't have a criminal record, and I have 3 kids. How can I adjust my legal status?" On this...

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    Topics: Immigration, Deportations, Immigration Attorney

    DACA Recipients: The Trump Administration Is Reopening Previously Closed Immigration Cases

    If you have an approved DACA application, but you were arrested after receiving it or have not been abiding with all the terms...

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    Topics: DACA, DREAMers, Immigration

    Judge Stops Trump's Plan To Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities

    This Tuesday, the federal courts delivered another blow to President Donald Trump's immigration agenda by blocking the Trump...

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    Topics: Donald Trump, Undocumented, Immigration

    Attorney General issues new memorandum: 'This is the Trump era'

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued an immigration memorandum this past Tuesday, criminalizing charges that were previously...

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    Topics: Donald Trump, Immigration, Deportations

    What happens if I signed a voluntary departure and stayed in the US?

    When an individual is detained by ICE, it can be a lengthy and intimidating experience that could ultimately jeopardize their...

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    Topics: USCIS, Immigration, Deportations

    Trump Requests funds "to expand the detention, transportation and elimination" of Undocumented immigrants

    President Donald Trump unveiled his first budget blueprint last week and, although virtually every agency will see some sort...

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    Topics: Donald Trump, Department of Homeland Security, Deportations

    How To Prepare For An Interaction With ICE (Even If You Are A US Citizen!)

    Unfortunately, the last few months have reminded immigrants, even naturalized U.S. citizens, that they were not born in the...

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    Topics: Immigration, Travel, Deportations

    What To Do In Case Of A Problem With Immigration

    When someone is arrested for a criminal case, even if they are not convicted of the charge, Immigration and Customs...

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    Topics: Immigration, Deportations, ICE

    Is a letter From A Notary Enough to Transfer Temporary Guardianship of My Kids If I Am Deported?

    Although it feels like a daunting task, I often remind my clients that it's essential to prepare their entire family for every...

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    Topics: Undocumented, Immigration, Deportations

    New Deportation Priorities According to Trump

    Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued two memos about President Trump's immigration orders. These orders...

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    Topics: Donald Trump, Immigration, Deportations

    How to Prepare and Prevent Deportation with a Power of Attorney

    Immigration officials are becoming more active and are detaining more people day after day. We now know that immigration raids...

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    Topics: Immigration, Department of Homeland Security, Deportations