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    What is the Fastest Path to Legal Permanent Residency?

    There's no question that becoming a legal permanent resident (LPR) can take time depending on a number of factors, but is...

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    Topics: LPR, Business Immigration, Immigration

    Know Your Rights as an Immigrant Worker

    Although immigrants with a work permit or who are here on an employment visa are legally allowed to work in this country,...

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    Topics: Business Immigration, Immigration, Lawsuit

    What Visas Do I Apply for to Hire Foreign Workers for my Business?

    Immigration in the United States is a complex and frequently time-consuming process, even for businesses. Figuring out what...

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    Topics: Immigration, Business Immigration, Visas

    What is a Visa Bulletin & How Does It Affect Me?

    One of the biggest worries for anyone involved in applying for an adjustment of status is the date to file, especially if you...

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    Topics: Immigration, Visas, Business Immigration

    Everything You need to know about a Fiancé Visa

    If you a have fiancé that resides in a foreign country, it is possible to bring them to the United States and begin your new...

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    Topics: Business Immigration, Fiancé Visa, Visas