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*Welcome to the Immigration segment. I am here today with the Attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez and he will be answering your imigration questions that have been shared with us through our Social Media by all of you. Thank you so much for joining us today.

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*Okay, the question for today says “My Mother who was a Permanent Resident sponsored me prior to 2001. Since then, she has obtained her American Citizenship. When can I request my Permanent Residency?”

**Okay, Great question. In this case, the most important thing to consider is if they had the application in through the parents before April 30th, 2001. Through the 245i immigration law, it’s an opportunity for someone who can prove that they were here by December 2000 and submitted an application prior to April 30th, 2001 can fix their status by applying for their Residency here in the United States without having to go back to their home country. This only applies to children who are single or married and are over the age of 18 and parents are American citizens and have met the deadline dates. Thesepeople would normally be around 20-22 years waiting and it's unfortunate because most of these visas are limited quantities but they will all get their turn. As for now, if you have a sponsor who is single or married and the parent is an American citizen and they filed the Residency application prior to April 30th, 2001, It’s super important that you consult an attorney so you can start your paperwork to obtain your residency.


*Okay, Thank you very much Attorney for coming here and answering this question for us. And you at home, don't forget to share your questions through our Social Media Networks. Telemundo, Oklahoma. This way, Attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez can answer your questions in our weekly segment. Well this is all for today, we’re back to the studio


Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Written by Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Michael is President and managing attorney of Michael Brooks-Jimenez, P.C., firm specializing in immigration law, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, and personal injury. He is well known within the community and his commitment to the interests of the Hispanics is without question. Today, Michael Brooks-Jimenez has founded a prestigious legal services team with the objective to continue fighting for the rights of Hispanics and to help them more efficiently.