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It depends on the country where the civil marriage takes place. If your nephew travels to the USA with a Visitor Visa, he is not entitled to marry or apply for permanent residence during the first 90 days. But if they marry after that period, the legal process could take 10 to 12 months. 

If the marriage ceremony, on the other hand, takes place in Mexico, she must request from Mexican immigration a marriage permit and follow all the applicable rules of Mexico. This process will possibly take from 18 months to 2 years until your nephew can get permanent residence.  

Furthermore, if they are already married, they can apply in the USA and the process could take a year or more. 

I recommend you contact an immigration lawyer before planning the marriage ceremony. 


Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Written by Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Michael is President and managing attorney of Michael Brooks-Jimenez, P.C., firm specializing in immigration law, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, and personal injury. He is well known within the community and his commitment to the interests of the Hispanics is without question. Today, Michael Brooks-Jimenez has founded a prestigious legal services team with the objective to continue fighting for the rights of Hispanics and to help them more efficiently.