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DACA Recipients: Here are 5 Thing You Need To Know About The End of DACA

By Michael Brooks-Jimenez

The Administration just announced it will end DACA, but it will NOT immediately revoke permits. Here are 5 important things to need to know regarding today's announcement:

(1) Your DACA is still valid

Do not panic: your DACA is still valid & will remain valid until its expiration date.

(2) Pending applications will be processed

The Department of Homeland Security will continue to process pending applications that were accepted by the Department as of today - 9/5/17, but will NOT accept initial applications moving forward.

(3) You may need to renew before 10/5/17

No new renewal applications will be considered, UNLESS the permit expires between today - 9/5/17 and 3/5/18, in which case the recipient has to have the renewal application accepted before 10/5/17. We recommend renewing earlier rather than later. DHS will not process applications accepted after 10/5/17.

(4) DACA will officially end on 3/5/17

The program will reportedly phase out over 6 months, and DACA permits expiring after 3/5/18 will not be eligible for renewal.

(5) Congress needs to act

Congress has a 6-month window to pass legislation to protect Dreamers before program officially ends.

We will send more details on this topic as they become available.

For more details, read the full DHS memo or refer to the Department's Frequently Asked Questions on the Recission of DACA.

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