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*Just like every week, we have Attorney Michel Brooks-Jimenez answering your immigration questions that you’ve left for us via our social media Telemundo-Oklahoma!

The question of the day today reads:

“Can someone who has been a victim of a crime apply for the “U” Visa and obtain their legal citizenship this way?”

**The “U” Visa is an application by someone who was a victim of a violent crime. It is not for any crime, it must be a violent crime, therefore the requirements are:

This person has to prove that they were a victim of a violent crime and collaborate with the police and legal to make a case against the accused person. It depends on these requirements and to obtain the “u” visa, they must provide the signature of an officer or legal representative to prove that they were a victim of a violent crime and that they collaborated with them to make a case against the accused. If you are able to gain the “U” visa application the applicant will receive a visa for 4 years and only during the 4th year can this person apply for their Permanent Residency. The only problem with the application for the “U” visa is that there are limited quantities each year and unfortunately immigration has more applications than available visas and so they are very behind. With this said, it can take between 6-8 years before you receive your acceptance letter. Due to this issue, there may be other types of visas that you can or may consider applying for. For example, there is the visa under the “VAWA” that is for victims that have suffered domestic abuse which is still part of the same law as the “U” visa and this is another way to obtain a “U” visa. But of course there’s always other applications that you can file to obtain your visa a lot quicker.


Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Written by Michael Brooks-Jimenez

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