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    DACA Recipients: Here are 5 Thing You Need To Know About The End of DACA

    The Administration just announced it will end DACA, but it will NOT immediately revoke permits. Here are 5 important things to...

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    Topics: DACA,

    5 Important Things You Need to Know About Personal Injury Laws in Oklahoma

    If you have been injured in Oklahoma due to another person’s neglect, then there are 5 things you need to know about personal...

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    Topics: Auto Accident, Insurance Claim, Personal Injury

    What is the Fastest Path to Legal Permanent Residency?

    There's no question that becoming a legal permanent resident (LPR) can take time depending on a number of factors, but is...

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    Topics: LPR, Business Immigration, Immigration

    Know Your Rights as an Immigrant Worker

    Although immigrants with a work permit or who are here on an employment visa are legally allowed to work in this country,...

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    Topics: Business Immigration, Immigration, Lawsuit

    What is TPS or Temporary Protective Status?

    Today, I will be tackling three main questions: What is temporary protective status? Who is eligible to apply for this legal...

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    Topics: Immigration, TPS,

    What Visas Do I Apply for to Hire Foreign Workers for my Business?

    Immigration in the United States is a complex and frequently time-consuming process, even for businesses. Figuring out what...

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    Topics: Immigration, Business Immigration, Visas

    What is a Visa Bulletin & How Does It Affect Me?

    One of the biggest worries for anyone involved in applying for an adjustment of status is the date to file, especially if you...

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    Topics: Immigration, Visas, Business Immigration

    10 Steps to becoming a U.S Citizen

    For most who carry a Legal Permanent Residency card, the general steps to change legal status from a Permanent Resident to a...

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    Topics: Immigration, U.S. Citizen, Naturalization

    Can I adjust My Legal Status After An Unlawful Entry Into The U.S.?

    An unlawful entry into the United States can have severe consequences for individuals looking to adjust their legal status....

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    Topics: Immigration, USCIS, Undocumented

    Everything You need to know about a Fiancé Visa

    If you a have fiancé that resides in a foreign country, it is possible to bring them to the United States and begin your new...

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    Topics: Business Immigration, Fiancé Visa, Visas

    How Can I Apply for Asylum?

    Recently, I've received a number of questions on how to apply for asylum in the United States. As always, I truly love...

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    Topics: Immigration, Political Asylum,

    All About Personal Injury Claims, Lawsuits and What They're Worth

    You see personal injury ads on TV from all types of law firms, but how much do you really know about how they work? If you're...

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    Topics: Personal Injury, Lawsuit, Personal Injury Lawyer