Are you worried about DACA? A lot of things are uncertain as we transition from the Obama Administration to the upcoming Trump administration. Here are 5 things you and your friends need to know about the DACA program as we approach a Trump Presidency. 

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Will President Elect Donald Trump Get Rid of DACA?

While we won't know the answer to this question for certain until president-elect Trump takes office in late January, we do currently know these 5 things about the DACA program:

1. DACA Still Stands 

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programs will remain until the end of Obama's administration, January 20, 2017. Trump said he plans to end all of Obama’s executive actions, including DACA, but we do not know for sure what he will do until he comes into office. For now, DACA still stands.

2. Do Not Apply for DACA If You Are a First Time Applicant

If this is your first time applying for DACA, we recommend that you hold off. There are very few days left of the Obama administration, and there is not enough time to process new applications.

3. Do Not Renew Your DACA Just Yet

If you already have DACA and are thinking about sending in a renewal, we also recommend you to hold off. Again, we do not know for sure what Trump will do with the DACA programs until he comes into office, and realistically, due to DACA renewal delays, there is not enough time to process applications before he is sworn in.

4. If You Have Advance Parole, Consult an Attorney Before Traveling

If you were granted advance parole and were thinking about traveling out of the country before Trump takes office, we strongly urge you to consult with an attorney first. Although DACA stands until Trump ends it, traveling outside of the country during this transition time can be troublesome. If you were thinking about applying for advance parole, we recommend you hold off. 

5. Stay Informed on the Latest DACA & Immigration News

It is important for your and your family's wellbeing that you stay informed on the latest changes in DACA and immigration policy. We are committed to sharing updates with you as soon as they are available, and we will work tirelessly to keep our community safe. You can help too! Invite your friends to visit our site and sign up to receive the latest DACA immigration updates

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BONUS: Tell Your Story. They're the Stories of the American Dream!

Although these are difficult times, we cannot forget what we're fighting towards. Take Ana Navarro's advice and help change public opinion one person at a time. During CNN's The Messy Truth, Navarro defends a DACA holder from Rick Santorum and gives her this advice: 

“You’ve got to tell your story, and change and affect public opinion. Because your stories are beautiful. They’re the stories of the American dream.”  twitter quote.png

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