Immigration policy is changing day by day, and it is better to be cautious until the situation stabilizes. If you are not a citizen and you are planning to travel outside of the United States, our first recommendation is not to do so unless it is truly urgent. It is better not to expose yourself to the risk of not being able to re-enter.

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If you must travel anyway, here are our tips:

1. Do not sign anything

Under no circumstances should you sign an I-407 form - which waives all of your rights as a resident. Do not sign any documents presented you and consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

2. Prepare for delays

As we have been seeing these days, Homeland Security can stop travelers for a few hours without cause, in some instances causing them to lose their connecting flight. Bring some sweets or cookies with you, and if you must take any medication on a regular schedule, take them with you. A good book will help you stay calm if you should wait for long.

3. Know your rights

We have heard reports that border authorities are reviewing cell phones for criticism of the government, and if they find them, they revocate tourism visas and ask you to denounce your residency status by signing an I-407 form.

Remember that you have rights:

- You can make a call to a family member or lawyer.
- If you are a citizen, they CANNOT check your phone without a search warrant signed by a judge.
- You do not have to waive your rights as a permanent resident (form I-407) to enter the United States.

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Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Written by Michael Brooks-Jimenez

Michael is President and managing attorney of Michael Brooks-Jimenez, P.C., firm specializing in immigration law, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, and personal injury. He is well known within the community and his commitment to the interests of the Hispanics is without question. Today, Michael Brooks-Jimenez has founded a prestigious legal services team with the objective to continue fighting for the rights of Hispanics and to help them more efficiently.